Did You Know?


One of the most little known, but major elements that enables Operation Renewed Hope to deliver needed supplies around the world, is the shipping ministry in conjunction with the US Air Force.

Because of the large quantity of materials which Operation Renewed Hope has shipped with the Air Force, ORH has been made a part of the actual historical record of the US Air Force.

Jan Milton, Director and Founder of Operation Renewed Hope, was also made an honorary member of the 3 APS Squadron of Pope Air Force Base, and was issued his own squadron "coin" and honored at a banquet held by the squadron.

Through the Air Force, ORH has shipped relief supplies and equipment to Russia, Panama, Haiti, Bosnia, and other locations. Without their help and dedication, millions across the world would be without the necessary elements of life.

Our mission

Operation Renewed Hope was founded in 1991 by Jan Milton, formerly the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC.

Jan's vision is to use surplus supplies and equipment donated by hospitals, corporations and manufacturers in the United States, and make them available to areas of the world that are in desperate need of this type of relief.

Spread the Gospel

ORH actively provides the opportunity for all men and women to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is His death, burial and resurrection.

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Help Those in Need

ORH provides relief from physical and mental suffering to nations by providing educational and non-food humanitarian supplies and equipment.

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Provide Medical Relief

ORH provides the opportunity for medical professionals to volunteer for medical mission trips throughout the world.

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Surplus Collection

Hospitals, distributors, and manufacturers work with ORH to move excess or outdated supplies for donationa and delivery to those in need.

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